The Most Popular Washer Used In the Manufacturing Industry


The components a manufacturing company uses are one of the key factors in ensuring the final product is safe to use and will operate as intended. One product that can make or break the construction of an item are the washers used to secure the connections during the fabrication of an item. While there are many options available, one of the most sought after is standard fender washers, as they offer unparalleled performance and provide the following benefits when used.

Even Load Distribution

Using the wrong washers can cause the pressure of the washer to damage a surface by leaving the weight unevenly distributed. A fender washer is constructed to have a larger diameter, which helps to spread the pressure over the product to prevent dents and eliminate the chance of the item breaking during use. Even weight distribution can be the best way to create a quality product that will not malfunction when used.

Quality Finishes

One of the worst things that can happen is for a washer to rust, which can cause it to fail and even lead to the formation of corrosion on the bolts used to secure an item. Fender washers come in a variety of finish options, and choosing products made from zinc and stainless steel will keep a product looking good through use and help to extend its lifespan by preventing corrosion.


Another great benefit to using fender washers is that they are extremely affordable, and most companies offer steep discounts for ordering in bulk. It is imperative that a manufacturing company keeps their expenses to a minimum to maximize profit, and fender washers allow them to reduce overhead without sacrificing the quality of the items they produce.

An end product is only as good as the components used to construct it. Rather than using sub-par washers, consider using fender washers, as they provide many benefits that can help to increase the quality of items and ensure they are ready for the end user. Check out the large selection of washers available from Superior Washer and see how quality components can help any company improve the reliability of their products.