Protect Your Investment in Your Home, Your Family, and Enlarge Your Living Space with Basement Sealant


Many people buy homes with a basement, not fully appreciating the many benefits that a proper basement offers. Homes with basements have more space than homes built on slabs or located in areas unsuitable to having a basement. Not all basements are equal in terms of light, sanitation, or moisture control. The trick to having a genuinely useful basement is within the judicious use of a high-quality basement sealant. Once a basement has is properly sealed with a quality product it is typically waterproofed for life and is ready to be attractively outfitted with custom flooring products, wall treatments, lighting and more. Homes that provide usable basement space are more valuable than homes without it. Basement space below a home helps contributes to a lower overall home cost per square foot.

Even basements that don’t currently have a problem with leaks or seeping moisture benefit from waterproofing to ensure they will not have future problems. Many people don’t realize it, but as the ground dries and contracts with seasonal weather changes, small shifts in the earth sometimes cause moisture within the soil to penetrate the walls and floors of one’s basement. In turn, the increased moisture in the air sets the stage for unhealthy molds and mildew to grow. Choosing to seal one’s basement before such a need arises not only provides one peace of mind but also protects one’s financial investment in their home.

Perhaps the best benefit associated with making sure one’s basement stays reliably dry is that of adding useful space to one’s home. Many people are content to use their basement as storage space, putting jar after jar of home canned vegetables on storage shelving for future use. In these types of basements, it is usually possible to find skateboards, bicycles, and skis that haven’t seen the light of day in years, old art projects, and your children’s high school hockey trophies. It only takes but a little vision, however, for someone to see the potential of a dry, sealed basement. A basement works well when transformed into dedicated space as a workshop, craft room, mother-in-law suite, home theater or extra bedroom. In many homes, the basement makes a great man cave, too.